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Welcome ! ようこそ

My name is Joel and I run Kansai Dori / Westjapandrift alongside one of Kansai’s legendary tuners – Satoshi Ishibe, owner of PRO SHOP DIVERSION 

We have been doing this for a while now, but we had always had clients inside Japan that come to drift with us from normal guys who just want to give it a go to work social club events. Normally training them from zero drifting experience up to guys who just want to improve their technique 

We consider Kansai to have the coolest drifting atmosphere in the whole of Japan. Kansai people are by far the friendliest and Kansai drifters are most often the craziest. Not to mention the legendary circuits we enjoy here! 

So we want to share it with the world! Hire our cars and drive the OG drift courses of Kansai! We are super easy and flexible and really aimed at everyone truly enjoying their time driving in Kansai!! 

So for you guys who want an authentic Japanese grass roots drifting experience, Join us! 

Those of you who drift with us individually (1 person) also have the chance to join Myself on a tour of Kansai night drift spots as a thank you for not crashing our cars 

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